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1500 W Raker And Scarifier RRP - £79.00 OUR PRICE - £19.99 (S3)

1500 W Raker And Scarifier RRP - £79.00 OUR PRICE - £19.99 (S3)

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1500 W Raker And Scarifier  RRP - £79.00 OUR PRICE - £19.99 (S3)


Lightweight, highly manoeuvrable and easy to push, this tool also has a lock-off safety switch to avoid accidental start-up

 Removes moss and reduces lawn thatch. Lawn aeration is crucial for a healthy lawn, as it allows air, water, and other nutrients to easily penetrate built-up grass and lawn thatch. lawns in domestic gardens

  • One 19.5cm steel rotor
  • Please store in a dry environment
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