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Beatrice Green Sofa Part

Beatrice Green Sofa Part

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Beatrice Green Sofa Part 


Big Brands Direct Discount Outlet Purchasing furniture policy.:

Item is brand new, please note we always prefer that you come and see this item before you purchase as we do not do returns or give refunds, if you have this item delivered we strongly reccomend that you come to see it once you have purchased it before it arrives, especially if you are having delivery as we don't refund. Only if you purchase to secure and come and see it first before delivery,  if you change your mind we will only refund this way and not if we was to deliver without you seeing it. As a small family run business we can not deliver to you to get sent away or decide you don't want it. So if you purchase and have delivered to you, you can not return for any reason whatsoever. Once purchased and delivered we do not do refunds, returns or exchanges for any reason whatsoever. 

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