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Carwash Cannon Soap Foam Blaster

Carwash Cannon Soap Foam Blaster

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Carwash Cannon Soap Foam Blaster

Just add liquid soap to your Car Wash Cannon, attach to your hose, then blast and rinse for a sparkling finish every time.

  • Hydro Air Technology: Creates a thick foam blanket, just like a professional car wash.
  • 5 foam settings: Pick your perfect foam setting from 5 different options - the higher the setting, the deeper the clean.
  • Rinse Setting: Turn the dial to set your Car Wash Cannon to rinse setting and wash away the soap to reveal a sparkling clean finish every time.
  • Easily attaches to any garden hose: Simply attach to your garden hose and the hydro air technology creates powerful results.
  • Car Wash Cannon does it all: No need for sponges or trying to get to hard to reach places.
  • BONUS alternative spray nozzle: Just remove the standard nozzle and insert the alternative nozzle provided for a widen spray.
  • Power rinse option: remove the Mixing Head from the QuickConnector for aneven more powerful rinse.
  • No more pain staking scrubbing: Just blast with foam and rinse.
  • Helps prevent scratches: No risk of scratches caused by scrubbing.
  • Quick to use: Swiftly and easily lifts dirt and dust away.
  • Versatile: Also use on vans, campers, boats, bikes, patio furniture and more.
  • Just spray and rinse away.

Product Details

  • Weight: 380g
  • Dimensions: 40.1 x 10.4 x 20.1 cm
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