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Hawksmoor Clean Water Pump 400W (R285)

Hawksmoor Clean Water Pump 400W (R285)

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Hawksmoor Clean Water Pump 400W (R285)

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Need to remove excess water quickly and efficiently? This 400W clean water pump from Hawksmoor is perfect for pumping out inspection pits, ditches and footings, as well as for general irrigation tasks. Robust and powerful, it’s capable of pumping out up to 133 litres of clean water per minute – that’s nearly 8,000 litres in an hour.

The pump’s watertight design means it can be fully submerged and lowered to a water depth of 7m. Simply attach a rope to the sturdy handle whenever you need to submerge, lift or secure the unit. It excels in shallower water too, with a low start-up level of 100mm and a minimum water level of 5mm.

This pump is designed for use in clear water where the diameter of any impurities or particles does not exceed 5mm. Water with sand or other abrasive substances should also be avoided. It’s not suitable for continuous use either – resting the pump for 10 minutes after each hour of use is recommended, so it shouldn’t be used in fish ponds or fountains.

It’s fitted with thermal overload protection for peace of mind, as well as a float switch that automatically turns the pump off when the water level has dropped.


• AC 230V, 50Hz

• Maximum pump rate: 133L/min

• Maximum lifting height: 8m

• Maximum submergence depth: 7m

• Maximum grain size: 5mm

• Hose connection: 25mm / 32mm

• Lowest pump start-up level: 100mm

• Minimum water level: 5mm

• Maximum water temperature: 35°C

• Float switch turns pump off when water level has dropped

• Sturdy handle helps you move the pump more easily

• Thermal cut-out automatically switches pump off if motor overheats

• Automatic air bleed valve releases any air pockets in the pump body

• 10m cable length with BS plug

• IPX8 rating

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