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Home Appliances Smart Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner (K)

Home Appliances Smart Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner (K)

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Home Appliances Smart Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner  (K)

  • Quick and easy cleaning: Say hello to the future of cleaning with this state-of-the-art Robot Vacuum Cleaner which combines cutting-edge technology with a touch of whimsy to keep your home spotless.
  • Quiet operation: Enjoy a peaceful living environment as this Robot Vacuum Cleaner operates with minimal noise, so you can go about your activities undisturbed.
  • Quick charge: The device charges fully in just 4 hours, minimising downtime and maximising cleaning efficiency. Each charge gives you up to 1 hour of continuous cleaning time, ensuring your home is spic and span.
  • Durable: Crafted from durable plastic and integrated with high-quality electronic components, this Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed to last.
  • Compact size: With a compact size and in a circular shape, it can effortlessly manoeuvre around your home, reaching even the tightest spots, ensuring no area is left dirty or messy.
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