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La Hacienda Quadrada Steel Matt Black Firepit (R47)

La Hacienda Quadrada Steel Matt Black Firepit (R47)

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 La Hacienda Quadrada Steel Matt Black Firepit (R47)

This stylish and modern firepit is the perfect addition to your garden. Be a great host for a garden party or keep yourself snug and relaxed into the night, this firepit ensures warmth allowing you to enjoy your garden to the full.

  • Outdoor Heater
  • When lifting or moving this appliance, never drag it; seek assistance as necessary. As this appliance has components made from steel and/or cast iron, the surface will age and develop surface rust over time once it is exposed to natural weather elements. This is to be expected and does not constitute an appliance fault. This appliance could mark or stain a patio; to protect against this place onto a separate patio slab or brick base.
  • Enjoy the warmth and ambiance from a real wood fire.
  • Contemporary Design
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Black high temperature paint finish.
  • If this appliance is left outside a suitable cover must be used, once it has cooled completely. To be stored in a dry area (garage or shed) when not in use to prolong life.
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