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Mini Battery Fan Ynport Crefreak Clip On Pink (K)

Mini Battery Fan Ynport Crefreak Clip On Pink (K)

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Mini Battery Fan Ynport Crefreak Clip On Pink  (K)

  • Size:19*15*10cm(7.48"*5.9"*3.93").This clip fan is built in upgraded brushless motor, which is powerful enough that support quite a bit of airflow.The narrow gap design making it safe to use even for infants and toddlers, protect the little inquisitive fingers from being hurt by the moving fan blade.
  • 360 degree vertical and horizontal adjustment, enjoying the cool air from any directions and keeping you cool all the time.The rolling stepless speed regulation can easily and quickly adjust the desired wind speed.
  • Strong grip clamp design, it easy to clip on to any surface, even running upside down and still be adjusted to point in every direction. This personal fan comes equipped easy-to-open clamp, which can clip on objective of thickness within 2.5 inches. Moreover, the soft rubber on clamp will never cause any scratch.
  • This desktop fan can be used with a USB connection to power, or it can be used freely when fully charged. The 2000mAh battery can be taken out at will, and the battery is included in the fan. If you want to use it wirelessly, please fully charge it before use.
  • The compact clip & desk 2-in-1 fan fits into any room corner without taking up too much space, great for office desk, baby stroller, car backseat, bicycle, camping tent, home, kitchen, dormitory, library, gym exercising, outdoors/indoors activities.
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