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Royale Fibreboard Underlay 5mm 7m2 15pack (R187)

Royale Fibreboard Underlay 5mm 7m2 15pack (R187)

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Royale Fibreboard Underlay 5mm 7m2 15pack (R187)

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This is a 5mm thick fibreboard underlay that can be used for any wood or laminate flooring, ideal for new builds and upgrades. The wood fibreboard allows you to make your flooring sturdier and more environmentally friendly, so if you’re looking to remove imperfections from your sub-floor, then this is the perfect underlay to buy to remove an uneven floor.

Our fibreboard underlay 5mm is best used in the home to rectify imperfections associated with the flooring, whether it be cracked or scratched surfaces. With the fibreboard underlay, you can rest assured that your flooring will not only be more practical but will also look and feel more professional.

Wood fibreboard is also ideal if you not only want to smoothen your floor but to add warmth and make your flooring more comfortable to walk on.

Fibrewood underlay 5mm is a lightweight underlay that is easy to apply and is guaranteed to fit perfectly.

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