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Frisbee Toss Lancer Frisbee (S9)

Frisbee Toss Lancer Frisbee (S9)

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Frisbee Toss Lancer Frisbee (S9)

Switch up the classic game of frisbee with Frisbee Toss! Heading the park? Packing your picnic games essentials? Make sure you’ve checked throwing a Frisbee in the park off of your to-do list this summer. Use the Frisbee Toss Rackets to launch the mini frisbee discs as your opponent attempts to catch it with their racquet. This Frisbee Toss game is a must have for every family.

Features and benefits

  • A spin on the classic game of frisbee
  • Toss and catch Frisbee Game
  • Includes 2 Frisbee Toss Racquets & 3 Mini Frisbee Discs
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