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Shengmel 500W Fan Heat Portable Heater (K)

Shengmel 500W Fan Heat Portable Heater (K)

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Shengmel 500W Fan Heat Portable Heater  (K)


  • WORKING FROM HOME / COLD KITCHENS: This little local heater is perfect for your cold kitchens or your new “Work from Home office” space. It will heat up a small area or 1 to 2m2
  • ENERGY SAVING: 500w ceramic PTC heater uses less energy than conventional heaters with no messy leads of wires as it plugs straight in to the wall socket
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE: Simply plug directly in to a mains wall socket and press the on/off button to operate; the illuminated power light will activate when the appliance is switched on to visually show you the device is running. Once the power supply and device is switched on, use the simple controls on the LED display to operate

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