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Shineled Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Lamp T37 P

Shineled Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Lamp T37 P

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Shineled Salt Lamp, Himalayan Salt Lamp T37 P

  • 【High-quality materials】: Himalayan salt rock metal frame, unique retro metal paint process, no rust and no corrosion, CE/UL certified cables and plugs allow you to use safely, 1.5mPVC power cords do not need to worry about distance


  • 【Unique function】: 100% pure Himalayan salt rock emits a calm amber color through light, and through the heat of the bulb, the salt crystals and salt rock release ions into the air, purifying the air, reducing stress, and improving mood


  • 【Art design】: The vibrant trees and the birds flying freely in the sky show vitality from the roots and leaves, and regulate your negative emotions


  • 【Adjustable knob】: It is convenient to operate the knob to adjust the brightness of the salt lamp. 15W bulbs can be used in rooms with various light levels, allowing you to have the most comfortable experience


  • 【Multi-purpose】: The comfortable amber luster can decorate your room more. Special holidays such as Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. can be used as gifts for family, lovers, and friends.



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