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UK Homeliving Shires Rectangular Stone Resin 1000x800mm Rectangular 30mm Shower Tray White (S274)

UK Homeliving Shires Rectangular Stone Resin 1000x800mm Rectangular 30mm Shower Tray White (S274)

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UK Homeliving Shires Rectangular Stone Resin 1000x800mm Rectangular 30mm Shower Tray White (S274)

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    OUR PRICE - 89.99

    At UK Homeliving, we believe in being eco-conscious without sacrificing quality. That's why we are excited to support the relaunch of the Great British Shires brand with their new Eco-Stone shower trays. These trays are not only exceptional in quality, but they also incorporate a conscious approach to protecting the environment. The Eco-Stone gel coat technology replaces traditional unrecyclable methods of using acrylic skins with stone resin filler. In addition, these trays have limestone powder as their primary filler and incorporate up to 30% recycled content. By using waste fragments from glass production that would have otherwise been destined for landfills, these trays significantly reduce their carbon footprint. With this eco-friendly approach to production comes sustainable strength and longevity with an impressive lifetime guarantee. UK Homeliving is proud to offer these trays for those who share our passion for sustainability and quality.

    Features and benefits

      Indulge in the ultimate showering experience with the luxurious Shires Bathrooms shower trays, now available at UK Homeliving. These magnificent trays are crafted with precision from a blend of exceptional mineral compounds and resin, delivering an unrivaled standard of durability. With a thickness of 30mm, these trays offer an almost level access to your shower, making every showering experience seamless. What's more, the Gel coat exterior is expertly thermally fused, ensuring maximum strength and longevity. But that's not all, Shires Eco-stone shower trays are also environmentally conscious, using an Eco-friendly gel coat technology, which eliminates the need for unrecyclable methods, potentially saving up to 1.4 million Kg's of plastic from polluting our environment. With a lifetime guarantee, complete your bathroom with the best shower trays available, only at UK Homeliving.

      • Eco friendly
      • Shower waste included
      • Doorstep delivery included
      • Durable Gel coat finish
      • 30mm thickness
      • Stone resin
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